What is KYP?


Our founder Richa Hora’s brainchild, Know Your Partner (or KYP) is s a unique scientific, non-judgmental, fun, and interactive session designed to help couples maximize their relationships so that there are no heartbreaks and divorces in store for them.

When you are dating, you put your best foot forward and are at your best behavior to impress one another. And once that euphoria fades away and reality dawns, at this point you or your partner might start asking “Am I with the right partner?”.

We don’t know each other well until we start living under one roof and understand each other’s personality traits. And maybe, by that time, it’s too late as a lot of emotions, time and efforts have gone into that relationship.

What if you could know your partner’s personality traits and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship before taking the plunge?

All problems in relationships arise due to expectations, hence not only do you get to know about each other but also a lot about your own personality traits that might help you to achieve your personal goal, as we all are work in progress.

The session helps you both move forward with open eyes, and with total acceptance of each other for a happy, thriving life ahead.

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