About Us

We are a unique, one of a kind relationship coaching service.

Our founder Richa Hora is a seasoned relationship expert, a certified life coach and an MBTI® expert with rich experience of counselling couples around the world to help maximize their relationships.

Our journey started when Richa Hora, married for over two decades and the mother of two beautiful kids, had an epiphany.

Richa had always been a people’s person, a great listener and someone that people found comfortable opening up to. Having undergone emotional turmoil in her own life, Richa had developed a deep sense of empathy and the motivation to help people overcome emotional strife.

Then, five years ago the thought struck her. She realised that most relationships turn sour because the two partners don’t understand each other well. That’s when she decided to become a professional relationship and life coach, and Metaanoi was born.

The word Metaanoi has its roots in the Greek word Metanoia which means ‘a change in one’s way of life resulting from a spiritual conversion’.

True to the name, our team of relationship experts have spent years helping people develop a new perspective of how they view relationships and understand their partners.

Whether it is our bespoke matchmaking service, where we leverage our own network of families and meet each prospect personally to find the right match, or our personalised pre-marital and marriage coaching service where we use a fun and innovative session to help couples understand each other, we carefully work with you to help you maximize your relationship.

Tuneer & Vanshika


Metanoi introduced us and eventually helped us to get to know each other better. We even took the KYP session…

Geetanshu & Rishabh


My fiancé and I recently attended the KYP session with Mrs. Richa Hora. First of all I’d like to say…

Ashish and Sonam


Thank you so much, Metanoi! We had a great time during your session and we will definitely work as per…

Radhika and Bhavishya


We recently took the MBTI assessment with Metanoi and it was a terrific, very informative experience. It was almost as…

Shweta and Eishan


Unlike conventional matrimonial procedures, the personalized and thoughtful approach adopted by Richa and Metanoi has been important in helping us…

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