How to have a happy, married life?

All through our lives, we stay in various relationships with our family, friends, and coworkers. Of all these bonds, the one of marriage is an extremely special and unique one, one that is completely built on love, trust, respect and companionship. Marriage is that special bond where two individuals from two different families, and sometimes, different cultural and language backgrounds promise to stay together during each up and down of life.

However, marriage is not always a honeymoon period, it is much more. While things seem easy in the beginning, gradually problems arise. When expectations are not understood, miscommunications happen and either of the partners feels that the marriage is not working anymore.

However, if tread upon with care and effort, this transition from two individuals to a married couple becomes smooth. The couple can make the bond last forever and live a truly happy married life, and overcome all the challenges together. It is critical to understand that marriage is not a one-way process, and both the partners need to put in their best efforts. They both need to be mature enough to deal with each other’s strengths as well as weaknesses and also the individual mistakes of the two.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to have a healthy and prosperous marriage:

Consent is most important

Be it while performing a daily chore, or while making an impactful decision, it is extremely important to make sure that your partner knows about your decision and there is an amicable agreement from both sides. Discussions with logic and facts should be the norm.

Accept, and understand

All humans crave for acceptance and being accepted and understood by the partner is an extremely soothing feeling. Thus accepting your partner, and encouraging and uplifting them is important.

Hold onto the spark

While all couples put efforts in the beginning, these gestures need to be continued even after time has passed, even after responsibilities have added up. A walk together, a date, a movie, help keep the freshness of the relationship and also strengthen it.

Happiness is the right way

Whether it is the initial stage of your marriage or years after the vows have been taken, internal happiness of the two individuals will definitely bring peace and contentment to the bond. Mutual harmony in the relationship is important and taking care of the little things makes every day beautiful. Remembering the small details and putting in efforts, make your partner happy.

Take out time for each other

The time which has once gone, cannot be brought back no matter what. Hence, quality-time postponed or taken for granted, can never be earned back. Thus, it is important to spend time regularly, to listen to each other and to share and to cherish.

Conflicts are normal

In every equation, conflicts and disagreements are normal. No individuals would forever stay on the same page. Thus, it is normal for you to have disagreements with your partner. These disagreements are in fact, opportunities to learn about different things as well as to know each other better.

Be free together

It is important to neither control nor be controlled by your partner. A partner is an individual with their own likes and dislikes and while it is important to get along well, one should not get moulded as per the desires of the partner and should maintain their individuality.

These little efforts and gestures would help you live every moment to the fullest and live a happy, fulfilling, married life. At Metaanoi’s Marriage Coaching service, we help you in taking these steps, in understanding each other as well as your own selves. We make conflict resolution easy, and acceptance for each other smooth. We make sure that you and your partner have a beautiful journey full of love, compassion, trust, and understanding.


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