5 ways to know your partner’s commitment to you is real

To many, commitment is a dreaded word. While everybody loves to be in a relationship, not everybody likes to commit. To be on the same page at all times with your partner isn’t as easy as it sounds. A committed relationship is when you and your partner agree on a level of understanding and expectations from each other. When these expectations are not reached, problems can occur.

Communication is the key. No matter how tough the conversation is, you should be able to communicate your true feelings and your expectations from the relationship with your partner. Having all of that laid out will help you both progress and grow together. Otherwise, you or your partner can feel insecure, jealous, discouraged and this can hinder the relationship.

Now the question is, how can you know if your partner is fully committed to the relationship?

The answer is not so simple, but once both of you have communicated and are confident about your relationship, you can look out for the following signs to be a hundred percent sure that you and your partner are in a committed relationship.

  1. Speaking in “We”

If you generally answer in ‘we’ instead of ‘I’, and your partner does the same then it’s a sign that you are in a committed relationship. An example of this is when something as simple as ‘I will go to the mountains one day’ becomes ‘We will go to the mountains one day’.

  1. Highly Satisfied

If you are in a relationship and you’re satisfied with your partner and the relationship, and vice versa, that’s another hint that you’re in a committed relationship.

  1. Making Sacrifices

If you feel that your partner has made sacrifices for you and doesn’t expect anything in return, and you have done the same for them, then the chances are you both are committed to the relationship.

  1. Meeting Each Other’s Needs

If you and your partner satisfy and meet each other’s needs and expectations, then it’s usually a sign that you are in a committed relationship.

  1. Portraying Each Other in a Positive Light

When asked about your partner, if you describe them in a positive way, if you emphasize the positives and good attributes more than the negative, or if you portray your overall relationship in a positive light and they do the same, then you are probably in a committed relationship. As long as both partners are not delusional about each other and the relationship, it’s healthy.

Signs like these can give you the assurance that you and your partner are likely to be committed and are on the same page. These signs are healthy and can help you fight the second thoughts and insecurities you and your partner may feel regarding the relationship.

If you are still unsure about your partner’s commitment to the relationship or if you want more clarity, Metaanoi can help you with that. An expert’s guidance will help you and your partner communicate and understand each other better. And here, at Metaanoi, with our Relationship Coaching service, we’ll help you achieve exactly that.


  • Jyotika Bedi
    Posted October 9, 2020 10:15 am 1Likes

    Brilliant! Very well explained and expressed. Keep up the great work

  • Reshma Bajaj
    Posted October 10, 2020 6:06 am 0Likes

    I have had first hand experience with Metaanoi, I must say that every word of introduction is curated and validated to the T. Every human being at some juncture needs a coach to help him introspect and reset. This is it!

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