How to have a long-term love-life? It’s simple—resolve fights

How to hold onto a breaking relationship

Mainstream mass media has conditioned us to believe that every problem in life—be it a lost job, a hidden talent, or a forgotten passion—can all be solved if we just fall in love! That our partner would be the perfect cook, the perfect dancer—always choosing the right gifts, and jokes—having the
highest IQ and emotional intelligence in the city! Following up, the beginning of any relationship feels beautiful because both of you adjust to each other. You wake up early to wish him before an exam, and he receives you at the airport every time your flight lands. But while this seems like a happy surprise in the beginning—it gradually becomes a routine, and then, any deviation from the routine feels like a betrayal—as if you two don’t care
enough. As if it is mandatory for you to wake up early even after a late shift at work, as if it is mandatory for him to receive you at the airport even if it means him sitting in the traffic for three hours straight.

How to restart, instead of giving up

It is easy to cut off when someone cheats or lies—but when both of you know that you two love each other, and yet are struggling—you need to compartmentalize your problems and solve them in chunks. No human being can ever read your mind completely—even your parents quarrel after thirty years of marriage. Even your sibling argues with you after knowing you since birth. Hence, it becomes unfair, for you to burden your partner by expecting them to be your everything, or to feel unworthy if they are unable to cater to everything you want.

How does Metaanoi help you resolve relationship issues

So how do you compartmentalize and solve? Remember when you couldn’t solve a Maths problem on your own, or took too long to solve it, and the class ended. But with your experienced Maths teacher’s guidance, you could later do it easily, and after her practice sessions—you excelled at it. In
your relationships, this can be done with the guidance of a relationship coach. A coach who would clear all your doubts, a coach who would guide your first relationship, with their experience of over two decades of marriage. A coach who would help solve your problems—not when the time is over, but the moment the problem arises. Who would tell you that being partners does not mean always walking towards each other, for you are then, bound to collide—but being partners, in fact, means always walking by the other’s side, so when anything collides with either of you, you face it together. That only two self-sufficient individuals can add to each other’s lives. And this is where Metaanoi steps in—like a flicker of hope. Because we know you have both fallen in love, but at Metaanoi, we make sure that this time, you rise in love again—together.

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