Pradeep Lakhera

I am very pleased with the progress | have made under the guidance and support of Dr. Richa.

One of the key areas where I have made significant strides is in setting realistic small goals for myself and being able to achieve them. Her advice has helped me to break down large tasks into smaller, more manageable tasks.

I am also grateful for the insights she has provided regarding my thought process. She has helped me to identify and understand the negative patterns of thinking that were holding me back and provided me with tools to correct my thought process. As a result, I am now better equipped to manage my emotions and deal with challenges in a more positive and constructive manner.

Looking ahead, I am confident that with her continued support and guidance, I will be able to overcome some of the remaining issues related to my personality that we have discussed. Her empathetic and non-judgmental approach has made it easy for me to open up and share my innermost thoughts and feelings, and I am grateful for the trust she has built with me.