5 Pre-marital conversations to have during courtship for a happy married life ahead

Courtship and engagement are two beautiful phases of life where everything feels rosy. However, in order to have a smooth-sailing married life ahead, it is important to have conversations with your partner before marriage.

Among these, there are five most important conversations you need to have for a successful married life ahead:

1. Keep aside time for each other every day

Make sure that you two set aside time for each other every day, during courtship. Take out time from your schedules every day, be it a call to connect, a stress-buster conversation, or a no holds barred fun chat, invest in each other every day. Detach yourself from others, social media, and different forms of entertainment, during this conversation.

2. Communication is the key

You two might have been dating for some time, or could have just met each a few months before marriage, however, it is important to realise that just getting engaged won’t make your partner magically understand everything. You two need to talk and communicate your wishes, opinions, needs, and wants. Knowing each other’s little favourites, as well as major opinions on important issues, is crucial. Always be interested in knowing your partner more.

3. Discuss finances

In case you haven’t discussed this already, discuss money management before marriage. You can also meet a financial planner to discuss collaborative goals. Plan financial responsibilities and large purchases and investments with your partner beforehand. 

4. Discuss intimacy and space

One of you might be an outgoing person who would want to go out with their partner every day. The other might be an introvert who would want individual time and space. Discuss important issues like intimacy and space, vacations, and workplace in detail, before marriage.

5. Realise that you two are marrying each other, not what you want each other to be

A lot of times, couples ignore each other’s red flags during the courtship period hoping that the other would change for the better after marriage, and while it is good to be hopeful, it is impractical to be over expectant. Know each other and take your decisions after learning everything, and if you finally decide to go with it, know that the quirks won’t change. Accept your partner with all their flaws and imperfections.

At Metaanoi, we help partners discover each other and themselves better during the Pre-Marital Counselling sessions and Know Your Partner sessions. We act as the personal catalyst for these talks and help the couple let go of inhibitions. We make sure that the partners know each other inside out for a happy, and successful married life ahead. Prioritise your partner by giving him/her unconditional love while keeping your boundaries intact.

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