Everything About Life Coaching

What is life coaching?

Be it meeting personal ambitions or business targets, receiving good guidance not only provides you with the right direction, but also escalates your speed, helps you overcome barriers, and make fewer mistakes. This is where life coaching comes in. It provides you with the correct mentoring and guidance for your life. For years, you have wondered whom to go to to ask about your life issues. A friend whom you thought might help? A partner who themselves had a lot to deal with and couldn’t motivate? Life coaching solves all these problems for you.

Why is life coaching useful?

Our friends might not be experienced or equipped, and might not always have the answers to all our questions. However, life coaching from trained professionals, helps us see things from a different point of view, it breaks complex confusions and resolves them for you through free conversations. It gives you the confidence to move ahead.

The target of life coaching is to guide people to break pessimistic belief patterns, act more constructively, and set clear goals towards achieving what they want from life. Be it relationships, personal growth, business, stress, career-development, self-motivation, life-finances, creativity, or family and friends — life coaching helps you develop across all these.

What are the results of life coaching?

Life coaching helps you streamline your life. It helps you organise and decide upon your priorities as well as the directions you want to take. It helps you strategize your time.

The process by which it guides you to break complex situations into small, solvable sets, helps you bring your life on track. Ultimately, life coaching helps you figure out what do you want from life. Life coaching helps you open up to new ideas and ways of doing things. It makes you more disciplined. This right balance of motivation and discipline is what brings about a change in your life. It closes the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It makes you committed to the process of evolving in your life.

This is where Metaanoi changes things for you. While you might feel that your life has hit a roadblock or that you are lost, life coaching sessions at Metaanoi help you figure out the direction of your life. Through extensive and open conversations, we help you realise what is right for you, and how should you go ahead with it for a happy and successful life.

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