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Each of us, when in love, believe that things can never go wrong between our partners and ourselves. That we know and understand each other so well, that it’s going to be a smooth ride forever.

When we are in love with our would-be partners, we ignore their flaws which irk us, out of innocent affection. However, living with a flawed person for a lifetime is a different task altogether. And while love needs to be at the core of your marriage, other aspects need to be worked upon as well. Partners tend to have high expectations from each other, and when these expectations are not fulfilled, distance creeps in. Thus, it is important to become friends first and partners later, for a successful marriage.

What is Pre-Marital Counseling?

Premarital counselling sessions are designed to help partners understand each other and their own selves better before marriage. It helps both the partners to have a loving and fulfilling married life ahead. It helps partners understand their weaknesses and guides them onto working on them. It prepares them for the marriage journey and brings in clarity for the future.

Why is Pre-Marital coaching needed?

There are several sensitive topics which partners never discuss or think of before marrying each other. And they realise their clash of opinions much later in life. These issues then cause friction and clash of opinion. Thus, it becomes important to discuss beliefs and routines, goals and leisure, everything before marrying each other. And pre-marriage counselling helps partners address these discussions beforehand. Premarital Counseling, thus, helps both the partners lay the foundation for marriage. It helps both partners understand how they look at the dynamics of the relationship, understand cultural differences, look at their individual behaviours objectively, helps them improve communication, and find positives in each other, to help each other overcome their flaws. It helps to find solutions to common issues as well as issues specific to each couple.

How Metaanoi comes into the picture?

In Metaanoi Pre-Marital counselling sessions, we address a wide range of problems that helps couples sort themselves before embarking onto the journey of marriage. We help in conflict resolution and managing communication over core beliefs as well as future expectations. Our certified premarital coaching helps couples understand their weaknesses, both individual as well as combined. We help them work on the required areas and overcome the differences. We help stop trivial issues from turning into serious future problems. Most importantly, we help the partners understand each other and their expectations well, and ensure that they have a smooth and happy married life ahead. After all, no married journey happens without problems, but with Metaanoi, we assure you that each problem can be and will be resolved.

Book your pre-marital coaching session with Metaanoi today to make the most out of your marital bliss!

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