Unhappy marriage: How to decide whether to stay or to leave?

When two people marry each other, they do it with the hope and the belief that they would be spending their entire lives together. However, at times issues arise, or worse, people grow apart. These challenges wither the marriage and cause the partners to feel suffocated, making them want to leave.

However, how does a love that was so beautiful in the beginning turn sour down the line?

Reduced Intimacy

At the beginning of the marriage, partners spend a lot of time with each other. However, gradually, responsibilities take over their quality time. Careers, kids, in-laws, hobbies, leave little time for the partners to share with each other. With reduced communication and emotional and physical intimacy, partners fail to make each other feel special and distance creeps in.

Unhappiness and the choices it brings

When the most intimate relationship of your life is not happy anymore, should you leave or should you continue to fight? Are you fighting a lost battle or is there light at the end of the tunnel? Every marriage has rough patches and disagreements, but whether they are temporary or permanent, needs to be figured out.

Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut path to solve this issue. It needs discussions, conversations, time, and effort. It depends on the individuals involved, their priorities and thoughts, as well as their personal circumstances.

What is important to keep in mind is that whether you choose to stay or to leave, time ticks on. Hence, if you feel that the marriage is worth saving, do invest your time and efforts. See if your efforts are bringing about a change. However, if it looks like all is lost already, know when to move out and save yourself time as well as the trauma of a bad marriage.

Repairing a marriage

If you feel that the marriage is worth saving, then do put in your efforts. Talk to your partner, increase intimacy, and communicate on working on the issues together. There is dignity in making things work for the better. There is dignity in walking out if things go downhill. Take the decision which suits you.

In some cases, divorces are necessary. However, in a lot more cases, things can be sorted if figured out calmly. A sober mindset and willingness to sort the issues by both the partners to have an understanding and acceptance of each other plays an important role in solving marital challenges.

This is where Metaanoi comes in. At Metaanoi’s Marriage Coaching service, we help partners have important discussions in an organised and detailed manner. We make sure that the counselling sessions make their marriage look like an open mirror to them. We help mend marriages that can be saved. Because at Metaanoi, we help partners to bridge the gap through effective communication and better awareness. At Metaanoi, we believe that every marriage can be saved if the partners are willing to bring a positive change in themselves.

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